Privacy Policy

This Privacy Charter explains how we use your personal information to offer our on-demand delivery and courier services.


This Charter applies to our API solution, website (HB), and to our mobile application software ("App"). However, you should also refer to the General Conditions of Use. If you are one of our Independent Couriers, you should in addition refer to the Special Conditions.


Capitalised terms used in this Charter have the meaning given to them in the GCU.


Primarily this Charter is relevant to our Members, who are either Users of our Services, or Independent Couriers, who help us provide our Services. However, it is also relevant to customers who receive HB deliveries, and to general visitors to our website.


No matter who you are, your privacy is important to us. We keep your information secure and manage it in accordance with our legal responsibilities.


By providing us with your personal information, you agree to it being used and disclosed in the manner set out in this Charter.


You do not have to provide your personal information to us, but without it there may be limits on the Services you can receive.


1. What personal information do we collect?


When you browse , we collect certain limited information (such as your browser type and IP address) automatically. We do this whether or not you are a Member. See below for more about why we collect this information, and about the cookies and analytics services which support our website and App.


The personal information we collect is set out in the table below. We have broken the information down into groups which tell you when the information is collected, and how long, in general, we keep it for. "Non-members" may be Senders or Recipients of deliveries whose details are entered on their behalf by a User.






Group 1: When you create an Account with us or when you opt to receive a delivery


What information?






Business address


Email address (By signing up for our service you agree we might send you promotional material or offers via Email)


Telephone number (By signing up for our service you agree we might send you promotional material or offers via SMS)


How long do we keep it?


Members: for 5 years from the date you last log-in to the App


Non-members: for 60 months


Group 2: When you use the App or when a delivery is in progress


What information?


IP address






Your delivery history


The history of the trips taken to make your deliveries


The delivery route taken by an Independent Courier


Incidents or complaints relating to a delivery


A description of the goods


How long do we keep it?


Members: for 60 months from the date you last log-in to the App


Non-members (where relevant): for 60 months


Group 3: When you are invoiced for, or pay for, Services


What information?




Payment details


Transaction history


How long do we keep it?


10 Years.


2. Why do we collect personal information?


The key purposes for collecting personal information are:


To manage your Account with us;


To make our Services available to you; and


To improve our Services, our App and our website.


Some of the more detailed and specific purposes are set out below. We have also given an indication of which groups of information from Section 1 are most relevant to each purpose.


Setting up an Account (1);


Managing your Account and resolving Account queries (1);


Allowing you to access our Services (1 and 2);


Putting you in touch with Independent Couriers (1 and 2);


Handling the commercial relationship with our Members and between our Members (1, 2 and 3);


Undertaking tracking and fulfilment of deliveries (1 and 2);


Providing assistance to a Member when delivering goods (1 and 2);


Handling payments and resolving billing queries (3); and


Technical and practical improvement of the Services (2 plus cookies and analytics).


We might also use your contact details to get in touch with you from time to time to tell you about improvements to our Services. Where we have your consent, we may also send you messages about similar products and services which we offer, and which we think you might find interesting. If at any time you do not want to receive these messages, you can contact us using the details set out below, or you can use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our emails.


We might use your contact details to get in touch and ask you if you would like to refer a friend who you think might be interested in working as an Independent Courier. If you provide us with the contact details of a third party, you are verifying that you believe they would be happy to be contacted by us about such an opportunity.


3. Who is your information shared with?


As a basic principle, your personal information is only provided to the members of our team who need to access it to deliver the Services to you.


Your personal information will also be available to the Zeew courier who delivers your goods.


Third Party Providers


We may provide your personal information to third party service providers who process information on our behalf to help deliver the Services. We take steps to ensure that third parties who have access to your personal information treat it with the same consideration that we do.


Where you provide your express consent, we may share your details with selected third parties who might contact you regarding goods or services which they think you might be interested in.


International Transfers


Your information may be shared with other Zeew entities and third party organisations located in other countries around the world (e.g. where a service provider is located overseas). As privacy laws in other countries may not be equivalent to those in your home country, we only make arrangements to transfer data overseas where we are satisfied that adequate levels of protection are in place to protect any information held in that country or that the service provider acts at all times in compliance with applicable privacy laws.


Where required under applicable laws we will take measures to ensure that personal information handled in other countries will receive at least the same level of protection as it is given in your home country.


Other Disclosures


From time to time we may be required to disclose information about you to law enforcement bodies, agencies or third parties under a legal requirement or court order. We act responsibly and take account of your interests when responding to any such requests.


You understand that we may disclose or share personal information with third parties as outlined above to deliver our Services, and, where applicable, in accordance with your expressed wishes. If you are concerned about these arrangements, you should not use our Services.


4. Cookies and analytics


We use analytics tools and cookies on our website and the App to help deliver our Services, identify any service issues, improve our Services, provide content tailored to Members' personal preferences, remember Account details and monitor site traffic and usage.


These tools may be provided by third-party service providers and may include the collection and tracking of certain data and information regarding the characteristics and activities of visitors to our website or App. We may disclose data, including personal information, to certain such third-party services providers in order to obtain such services.


One of these providers is Google Analytics and more information about the ways in which they collect and process your personal data can be found here: (


More about cookies


A cookie is a small file deposited by us on the device you use to access our website or App.


Cookies collect information about the pages of the App or website you have viewed. They allow us to make improvements to our Services over time.


We collect both "session" and "persistent" cookies. The former are not usually stored after your browsing session has ended. The latter are stored for longer. However, no cookies will be stored on your device for more than 13 months.


The cookies which we use are described in more detail below:


When you first visit our website or App, you will be told that you have the option of objecting to the use of cookies. You can also delete and block all cookies or decide to just block certain types of cookie via your browser settings. However, if you choose to block or delete cookies, this may affect the functionality of the website or App.


You can find further help on the dedicated pages of your browser. Some of the most common are here:




Internet Explorer™


Google Chrome™








You can also configure your browser to send you a code, indicating the websites you do not want to be tracked (“Do Not Track” option):




Internet Explorer™


Google Chrome™








5. Protecting you and your rights


Keeping information secure


We invest appropriate resources to protect your personal information, from loss, misuse, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. User and Recipient phone numbers are encrypted, and will not be made available to an Independent Contractor unless the User and/or Recipient notifies the Independent Contractor directly.


However, you should bear in mind that no internet-based platform can be 100% secure and so we cannot be held responsible for unauthorised or unintended access that is beyond our control.


Password Security


The Company shall take all reasonable precautions to ensure the secure storage of your password.


However, the security of your password also depends on its design.


It is preferable to have a sufficiently long password, composed of at least 3 different character types (letter, number, special character). It should also not have any obvious connection with you (e.g. your address or your partner's name).

Courier app is used by restaurant couriers to get orders and deliver them to customers based on their locations


Location Access:


Update current courier location during work to get orders based on his location


We only update location if the driver check on-duty check box, so he is working and get his location, otherwise we don't update location on background, foreground when driver is logged out or off-duty


For Independent Couriers Only


The specific location of the Independent Courier's device (which may also reveal a Member's or User's location at the time goods are collected, or delivered)


As set out above and in the SC, we will track the location of your device when it is switched on and set to on-duty. We do this to monitor the deliveries which you accept, and to ensure the quality of our Services. In line with the SC, we may review the route taken to complete a delivery following a complaint from a User, and might take actions in accordance with Annex II of the SC based on that information.

Exercising your rights


Under data protection laws, you have the following rights:


to request a copy of your personal information which is within our custody and control, together with details abouthow we use that information;to request that we correct inaccurate or misleading personal information; and in certain circumstances, to require us to stop processing your personal information (e.g. for marketing purposes).


In relation to all of these rights, please email or write to us at the address below. Please note that we may, where permitted under applicable law, charge a small administrative fee and / or request proof of identity. We will respond to your requests within all applicable timeframes.


In certain circumstances (for example where required or permitted by law) we might not be able to provide you with access to some of your personal information, but where appropriate we will notify you of the reasons for this.


Complaints Process


If you have a complaint about how we have handled your personal information you can contact us using the details below and we will investigate your complaint.




We keep this Charter under regular review and update it from time to time. Please review this Charter periodically for changes.


If you do not accept the amended Charter, please stop using our Services.